Shark Tank Introducing You To The World Of Exclusive Cosmetic Products

The entertaining TV show, Shark Tank, is now an additive program to many of us. In fact, we have become fascinated not just because we come across lots of celebs with radiant, glowing skin. But, one of the major reasons of our addiction is that we learn about several innovative products, which may give us a radiant look, like celebrities.

At one of the episodes, we have seen that the sharks, including Yoojin Kim, have expressed some truths about a miracle facial rejuvenation cream, Amore Skin. Launched by Korean siblings, this cream reduces sagging, darks circles and many other problems.

Amore Skin- A beauty secret of many icons-

Amore Skin works in an excellent way for every skin layer. Our skin has collagen along with much amount of water. With the impact of UV radiation, your skin starts showing spots and darkness. While your skin has lost elasticity due to the reduction of collagen, Amore Skin helps you in restoration. Most of the Shark Tank stars have said that it acts as the best protective tool of your skin. The most notable solutions that you get from the cream are-

  • Removal of all the black facial lines
  • Nourishment of skin by moisturizing it
  • No swelling near the eye
  • Increased generation of collagen to fade away the presence of wrinkles
  • Prevents effects from stress
  • Improved immunity to skin
  • Elimination of waste to cure the discolored and dull-looking skin

In addition to Amore Skin, there are many other innovative cosmetic products, which have grown excitation among Shark Tank enthusiasts.

Body scrub with coconut extract

Lani Lazzari, in the year, 2013, had amazed many sharks in the TV show by proving her outstanding business expertise and aromatic body scrub. This is a very smooth substance, which is powerful enough for improving a variety of skin issues, such as, psoriasis and eczema. Her business had started flourishing at a rapid rate, after Mark Cuban made a significant investment on it.

Lip balms with a wild taste

Kisstixx balms, for pampering your lips, may give you a crazy feeling because it presents you with two tangs. And your makeup will create a unique look. The product causes a reaction of chemicals to produce the taste. If you love mango flavor, you can avail lime taste with it. Again, strawberry flavor is supplemented with chocolate-like essence.

Alaskan Mask

It is a skincare company, which hasn’t made deal with any shark. However, this cosmetic brand has seen a steady growth. Its facial mask is designed with the incorporation of peppermint and lavender to stand out in the market.

Vegan Lipstick

Many sharks have raised some questions on this product of Rosco and Melissa. However, as it is free of paraben, it has attracted several customers. What may amaze you most is the variety of shades.

Thus, these beauty care products, exposed in Shark Tank, have raised much excitement and thrill among the audience.

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