Easy Ways To Lose Weight

A number of ways are being suggested on different platforms to lose weight in days and weeks, but the most healthier way to lose weight is through diet, exercise, and water intake. Along with that social, familial and psychological conditions should also be kept in consideration if one actually wants to lose weight. If you cannot help yourself then take professional help; instead of trying any fad diets, challenge diets, protein diets.

1 ) Drink Plenty of water

Instead of buying expensive detox in the market try to drink 15- 20 glasses of water in a day without adding any laxatives in it. People take green tea, ginger tea and many another thing that produce nausea; water is the safest option which doesn’t induce any kind of illness. It completely filters the body. Try to drink 2 glasses of water as soon as you wake up. You can keep a water bottle at night with you, so you don’t forget.

2) Add green vegetables  in your lunch

A big bowl of green vegetable in your lunch boasts your metabolism which helps you to lose weight and gives you extra energy.

3) Physical activity

Do not stress out your body with two to three hours of intense activity; rather do 20-25 minutes walk per day. Make sure you wear proper shoes, preferably joggers. Try different exercises; now there are plenty of activities that you can do. Numerous activities can be found on youtube which includes aerobics, brisk walk, yoga and many other.

4) Mediation or deep breathing

To release your stress level try deep breathing or meditation twice a day so that you can induce positive energy which would keep you motivated towards your goal.

5) Try to make a number of Social relations

Increase your social relations and meet with positive people who can pass you positive comments and keep you happy.

6) Fruit

Fruits are very important, Make sure you take at least three fruits per day.  It can be pear, apple, grapefruit, orange or any other citrus fruit.

7) Milk or yogurt

Try to add a cup of milk or yogurt as a must in your diet.

8) Don’t skip breakfast;

A healthy breakfast is very important. Take two hard boiled eggs, a cup of tea, 8 almonds, a fruit and 2-3 glasses of water. (DO YOUR BREAKFAST LIKE A KING)

9) Cheat is a must.

If you are strictly following this plan than a cheat meal once a week is a must.

10) Hide your weighing scale

Make sure you do not weigh yourself daily. Weigh yourself after a month; not before then that as it can increase your stress level.

11) Sleep

Seven to eight hours of good sleep is very important for weight loss. If you cant sleep than consult your doctor; your diet plan or protein intake must be inappropriate.

12) Make sure to decorate your meals

Spend time in making them interesting and tasty. Don’t treat yourself like a patient. Feel good about yourself.

Try methods as mentioned above not one by one but, all in sync so that you can lose weight.


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